How to feed the child in the first 5 months of life

How to feed the child in the first 5 months of life

Lovely, expensive, helpless being — the child in the first days and months of the life. He needs your love, your cares. Whether the child vigorous and healthy will grow, depends on you. And how many young mother has to know! But the most important how to feed. Food supports life at any age, but it is especially important for the baby. At good and correct feeding the child receives natural immunity against diseases and grows at cheerful.

Therefore right after the birth it is necessary to set the feeding mode. Try to give it food through precisely certain period — 2.5-3 hours. The stomach of the child gets a reflex rhythmically soon to emit juice, and the kid will get used to eat in certain hours.

Maternal milk

Each mother has to nurse the child. With maternal milk the child receives not only all the nutrients, necessary for his existence and growth, but also mothers, protective from an organism, who protect it from diseases. Besides, in the milk received directly from a breast there are no microbes; it is easier than any other food is digested and acquired by a children's stomach.

After the delivery both mother, and the child need rest. Only after 12 hours during which the newborn is given the sweetened boiled water (5% to sugar) he can be put to a breast. Before feeding it is necessary to wash up properly hands water with soap and to wash a nipple (together with a pigmentary part around it) the cotton wool moistened 3% with solution of boric acid. Decant several drops of milk — together with them the microbes which got into canals will be removed. If after the delivery you cannot sit, feed the child lying, having bent to him.

Later, when your organism will get stronger, you have to feed, sitting on a chair with a back and having put a small small bench under a leg — under right if you nurse right, and under left if — left. You hold with one hand the child, and another hold a breast so that it was between the second and third fingers. The mouth of the child has to cover not only a nipple, but also a pigmentary spot around it. Often the child presses a nose to a breast and therefore cannot quietly suck. You watch that it did not happen. Very much interferes with sucking cold. In this case before feeding in a nose of the child it is necessary to drop special drops. It is important to feed the child silently as a talk distracts him. When the kid sucks well, the sound of drinks is heard.

After the delivery the amount of milk (colostrum) at the wet nurse is very small — each breast is capable to separate only 10-15 grams of colostrum during feeding. This quantity increases after the 3rd day, reaching by 7th day 700, by the end of the second month — 800, and by the end of the 5th month up to 1000 grams a day. Whether enough milk the child receives, it is possible to establish by means of weighing. Weigh the child before feeding at various one o'clock in the afternoon because in the morning it is more milk, and it is less in the evening. Checking the child's weight every week, it is possible to establish whether he puts on weight enough. If the newborn has enough milk, he puts on weight continuously — in the first 3 months about 800 grams, then 600 grams, and by the end of the year — 500 grams a month. At reduction of amount of milk the child urinates less often, and his kcal from golden-yellow becomes green and mucous.

Cases of a serious disease of mother — a heavy anemia, chronic nephrite, mental and sharp infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. are the serious reasons of premature excommunication of the child from a breast. If the nursing mother gets sick with typhus, dysentery, etc., feeding should be suspended, but to take care that milk did not disappear. For this purpose it is regularly necessary to decant it. After recovery of mother the feeding continues. If mother got sick with whooping cough, it is possible to feed the child with specially decanted milk. At a disease of chicken pox, an angina, Qatar of the upper airways, it is possible to feed with pneumonia of the child, observing at the same time the most strict hygiene. In this case mother should be masked, made of four layers of a gauze. Emergence of periods is not the reason for excommunication of the child from a breast. If the nursing mother becomes pregnant again, feeding it is possible to continue the most bigger to 7-8 months. Further feeding can strongly exhaust her.

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