How to feed the one-year-old child

How to feed the one-year-old child

The food allowance in a year is already rather wide. Children with interest glance also at a parental table, but it is impossible to give in on provocation and to allow to taste chocolate or fried potato. Food of the one-year-old child has to be balanced and rational, gradually departing from completely ground consistence.


1. By drawing up the menu for the kid at the age of a year it is necessary to remember what than new tastes he learns more, especially legible in food becomes. It is obvious that having for the first time tried a cauliflower against the background of breast milk, the child found it interesting. But after tastes of banana, a peach and other sweet fruit became familiar to it, hardly he with pleasure will perceive all same cabbage. Therefore by a year the child has a selectivity in food.

2. Selecting the menu, bigger attention needs to be paid not only to contents, but also consistence of products. Food for the one-year-old child has to differ from the products offered for babies. It is desirable to refuse the blender and to pass gradually to the fact that soup and puree are crushed by means of a usual masher or a fork. Such consistence teaches the child to chew.

3. For the rest the quantity of meals for the child at this age depends on individual requirements. Most of children adhere 4-5 single foods, many continue to be put with pleasure to a breast and at night.

4. At the menu of the one-year-old child daily there has to be a portion of vegetables, fruit, a krupyany and meat dish, few times in a week – fish. Also not to do without dairy products. As the daily portion of cottage cheese is so far rather small, it is possible to prepare a cottage cheese dessert of times in two days, mixing it with children's cookies or fruit puree. In a year it is already possible to cook steam omelet, replacing with it the pounded yolk. Therefore food to become more and more various.

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