How to feed with the decanted milk

How to feed with the decanted milk

There are situations when for one reason or another there is no opportunity to put the child to mother's breast. It can be connected with a disease of mom, deep prematurity, difficult delivery or just urgent departure from the house. In this case the child is fed with the decanted breast milk.


1. To keep a sosatelny reflex at the child it needs to give the decanted milk not from a small bottle, and from a cup. For this purpose take the child on hands, to a mouth bring a cup, having arranged it so that its edge lay on a lower lip of the child, concerning mouth corners a little, carefully incline a cup so that liquid level touched lips and the child's language only a little, but do not pour milk into a mouth. Feeding by the decanted milk from a cup has the pluses: at the child the wrong stereotype of sucking is not formed and there is no disaccustoming from a breast, as when feeding from a small bottle. Besides the cup washes easily and will be sterilized.

2. Decant breast milk by means of hands, but not a milk pump – it is capable to injure a nipple. It is necessary to do it in an inclined state that a breast? hanged down down. Before decantation it is necessary to massage quiet movements a breast. Clasp a breast with a hand so that the thumb was located above an areola, and index below, opposite to big, other fingers have to support a breast. Squeeze index and big fingers, press on lacteal sine under an areola. Avoid pressings on a nipple, it is painful and is not productive. Decant milk in turn from both breasts 6-7 minutes. All procedure of decantation takes about 30 minutes. You carry out repeated decantation in 2-3 hours.

3. That the decanted milk did not lose the curative properties, take it in the closed ware at the room temperature about 30 minutes. Then place it in the fridge. The period of storage of breast milk in the fridge should not exceed 1 day.

4. Before feeding of the kid warm up the decanted milk on a water bath. Do not heat it on gas at all.

5. It is recommended to feed the kid with breast milk during the whole first year as maternal milk is not only a source of the main feedstuffs, but also protects the child from various diseases.

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