How to feel that you are pregnant

How to feel that you are pregnant

The woman can learn about presence of pregnancy not only at the gynecologist, but also on a number of minor signs. It is necessary to listen only to the organism, then you will feel that in you new life arose.

It is required to you

  • - test for pregnancy;
  • - jar for urine.


1. Suddenly shown indisposition, the aching a bit joints, cold, feeling of congestion of a nose, a fever, slight increase of temperature can demonstrate not only to the coming cold, but also that in nine months you will have a small miracle. Similar symptoms arise because of change of a hormonal background in the first days after pregnancy approach. And hormone the progesterone helping to keep a fruit influences not only the course of pregnancy, but also mucous membranes which during pregnancy are softened, and the woman during this period can even begin to snore.

2. The lack of appetite, nausea, problems with gastrointestinal a path, caused by deterioration in a vermicular movement because of progesterone hormone, can testify to interesting situation too.

3. Sudden fatigue, drowsiness, weakness are indirect signs of pregnancy too: so the organism begins the main work on preservation of a fruit.

4. Frequent desires in a toilet "a bit" can remind someone of cystitis, however during pregnancy there is no pain at urination. The walking reason in a toilet is big inflow of blood to bodies of a small pelvis. Then changes in work of kidneys and a bladder are shown. And later desires in a toilet are connected with the uterus which is constantly increasing in sizes.

5. Dizzinesses, faints, suffocation attacks, tachycardia, especially if you never suffered from them, also have to suggest an idea of probable pregnancy.

6. Well, and the most important sign of interesting situation is the lack of periods though quite often not plentiful bloody allocations happen also during pregnancy. And quite often they can coincide with the expected term of monthly.

7. To learn more precisely, you are pregnant or not, the pharmaceutical test for pregnancy will help. It is simple in use therefore it is applicable in house conditions. To check the state, collect in a clean jar (or any other ware) a portion of urine, it is desirable morning (but it is not obligatory). Then open packing with the test, lower a test strip in urine to a mark and wait for seconds-10-30. Put a test strip on a clean plain surface and in about two minutes estimate result. Existence on the test of two strips demonstrates pregnancy. If on the test one strip, you are not pregnant.

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