How to fight against an intertrigo at the newborn

How to fight against an intertrigo at the newborn

Skin at newborns is very vulnerable and vulnerable. For this reason gentle, thin skin of the baby needs timely, thorough protection and a special care, otherwise various serious problems, the most frequent of which - an intertrigo, are inevitable. But you should not despair, it is possible to get rid of an intertrigo quickly and easily, conforming to the simple rules of care for the newborn's skin.


1. Surely wash away the newborn at each change of a diaper. It is not recommended to use often wet hygienic towel wipes, apply them only when there is no opportunity to wash away the kid under flowing water. Do not leave the child in wet and dirty diapers at all, to a thicket change diapers, not less than 9 times a day. After a podmyvaniye of the kid under flowing water arrange it air bathtubs, having left naked for 15-30 minutes.

2. Wash children's things only special detergents for children. Not less than two times are recommended to rinse linen. At disguise of the child pay attention whether rub a thing gentle skin of the kid. When choosing a kidswear pay attention to fabric, it has to be natural and it is good to absorb moisture.

3. If an intertrigo after all appeared, it is necessary to begin in due time elimination of this problem not to bring to appearance of ulcers and deep cracks. Grease the damaged sites of skin with special children's creams under a diaper, it is also possible to smear with vaseline oil or to use powder. Perfectly zinc ointment since it will well dry the injured skin of your kid proved and will remove inflammation.

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