How to fill a children's album

How to fill a children's album

The children's album is the most real gift to the child for the rest of life. Besides parents at any opportunity will get and show to guests an album of the kid. Therefore it is very important that the album was issued beautifully.


1. Before filling an album, make a selection of children's photos. Distribute a photo on groups, avoid similar photos. For example, in one small group postpone a photo the firstof month of life of yours of the baby, in the second - the second month and so on. It is necessary in order that there was no confusion and that you forgot to paste then nothing in an album.

2. After you prepared photos, it is possible to begin to paste them in an albomchik. If you have a photo of the kid where mom had it in a tummy, paste its the first. Nearby place the photo with a tummy. Further it is possible to insert the first photos after the birth. Perhaps, you had labels which bound on handles to the kid in maternity hospital, they can be pasted near the first photos. Later it is possible to arrange a photo of discharge from maternity hospital, the first bathing, the first walk, the first toys, a christening, a photo with parents, with grandmothers and grandfathers.

3. To each photo it is possible to make the signature. For example, the photo can be signed so: "The sonny is 5 months old, the first time is tried fruit puree" or "First steps". If for you such signature seems too fresh and boring, the photo can be signed with some quatrain. Also mom can enter the thoughts in an album. As she represented the kid when went the pregnant woman what feelings had when she the first time saw the baby.

4. Near photos it is possible to paste amusing pictures. Perhaps, it will be some fairy tale characters. Also in a children's photo album on the first pages it is possible to place your wedding photos, photos of family, to draw a family tree of family. Paste pictures of the kid on the center of the page, and around - photos of the immediate family, then it will be possible to see at once what external lines and from whom were inherited by the child.

5. Separately in a photo album it is possible to allocate a page where there will be prints of handles and the child's legs. Also in a photo album it is possible to paste a lock of volosik.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team