How to find a common language in 12 years

How to find a common language in 12 years

12 years – the beginning of teenage crisis. What parents are lucky enough to observe at 15-16 is already consequences, and everything arises at 12-13. Therefore the most important at this age is not to "miss" the child. He is still seemingly obedient, still argues absolutely childly, but important changes of nature of this age further and further carry away the teenager from parents. Considering a number of changes in character and the physical status, to find a common language with the 12-year-old child not so difficult as it seems.


1. In 12 years the importance of group of peers begins to increase. Earlier it were just companions. Their choice had to be coordinated with mom, the prestigiousness was affected by school estimates and the authority among teachers. Now – no. To the forefront there are values of surrounding young people (and they different), popularity at an opposite sex, existence of life experience. Softly, but regularly fill up moral standards of behavior at the growing child, tell him about possible consequences of the wrong acts, carefully you watch a condition of a self-assessment and in every possible way promote its growth.

2. In 12 years the personal reflection fully, i.e. attempts to estimate itself, the situation in society, the thoughts and feelings begins to be shown. At the age of 12 years especially attentively listen to everything that is told you by the child. Perhaps, he will mention accidentally that he would like to hide, and you have an opportunity to control the course of its growing. But even if it will not occur, the habit to share the experiences, communication with parents will help the child to overcome further the fear of loneliness so characteristic of teenagers.

3. In 12 years there is an intensive physical development. At this age it brings a lot of trouble owing to the fact that the child cannot cope with so rapid changes in the body yet, cannot control them and often hesitates of the appearance. In this case only one helps – broader education on all questions of physiology. Frankly answer all questions concerning changes of the physical status of the child. At this age the teenager has to obtain exhaustive information on all questions interesting him first-hand not to look for satisfaction of the curiosity in much more doubtful sources.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team