How to find a kindergarten

How to find a kindergarten

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Each modern parent knows that for obtaining the desired permit in municipal preschool educational institution it is necessary to rise on turn practically since the birth of the kid. But it is not less important to choose beforehand suitable kindergarten to provide to the child the most comfortable stay in the absence of parents.

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1. Define what gardens are near your house (or work). As a rule, when setting on turn the specialist of department of education himself will prompt what municipal preschool educational institutions you treat. Look in any reference book of number of the gardens located in your area and select the next, being guided to the address. Also such information can be obtained by means of the interactive map of your city on the Internet or the traditional paper card. Learn whether is in department of the organization in which one of the child's parents, the kindergarten (so-called departmental) works.

2. Collect the maximum information on the chosen gardens, namely: • An operating mode (as a rule, all kindergartens open in the 7-8th mornings and are closed in the 18-19th) – whether you will be able to coordinate it with the schedule of the work. Also pay attention that there are gardens from 5, 10, 12, 14-tichasovy and round-the-clock stay of children.· a diet (emphasis for a dinner - in some kindergartens he moves early enough – in 17 h or 17:30, and even is absent). • Programs/techniques (except traditional there is also valdorfsky, Montessori, etc.) whether there are additional classes (foreign language, the pool, etc.), whether show to children performances (the coming theater). • Teaching staff (in group there have to be 2 tutors and 1 nurse / the junior tutor) - specify whether tutors and who, actually, holds these positions - the certified teachers or mummies with non-core education often change. Whether there are in a garden a logopedist and the psychologist. • As tutors among themselves and talk to children (in the absence of parents it can be spotted, for example, during walks). • As issues of individual character are resolved (the child badly eats, it pisatsya during sleep, it is inclined to an allergy, etc.). • Whether there are evening and adaptation groups. In evening group bring together children whose parents are late and do not manage to take away the child in time. Adaptation it is intended for kids who never attended kindergarten. If the adaptation group is absent, specify how adaptation of children in this garden.· Condition of the Building, groups, platforms, toilet rooms is carried out; quantity and quality of toys, furniture.· the number of children in the Amount of the Sponsor's Help and Collecting groups.· for needs of groups.

3. Study the Internet: almost in each large city there are websites for parents and forums at which it is possible to find reviews of local kindergartens and/or the rating of kindergartens on areas. Do not forget about "gossip hotline". It is considerable (and in small towns and only) information source. Mothers on walks are usually rather sociable and do not hesitate to speak on this subject. Ask the neighbors and relatives who especially have the grown-up preschool children. It should be noted also that recently some kindergartens create the websites. You on them will hardly find trusted reviews, and to here obtain detailed information on functioning of a garden (daily routine, food, classes, etc.) is quite real.

4. Bypass the chosen gardens (including those which have not too good reputation – perhaps, after personal visit your opinion will change). At first it is necessary to have a talk from the manager (recognize by phone days and reception hours in advance). Having secured with its consent, you can examine groups and communicate to tutors.

5. Analyze all family pluses and minuses of each garden and, considering specific features of your child, choose the most suitable. You treat reviews of kindergartens and tutors from shares of scepticism is only value judgment of other parents which should be considered, but not to rely on it finally. After all, only you know that it is better for you and your kid.

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