How to find a way to quickly lay the child

How to find a way to quickly lay the child

The child refusing to fall asleep is capable to bring to parents many efforts. The universal recipe, any kid allowing to force to sleep, does not exist. Everything depends on its age and character.


1. Aged up to two years adaptation called the mobile will help to stack the child for sleeping. Suspend it over a crib at such height that the kid could not reach and stop or tear off to it and also that it had no squint. Start the spring drive of the mobile, and it will rotate within several minutes. Some drives are supplied with the music boxes playing a lullaby. The projector showing on walls, for example, the floating small fishes will be for the mobile good help. This projector it is also necessary to have at such distance from a bed that the child under no circumstances could not reach it.

2. To take the child on hands to rock to sleep, follows carefully and slowly. To him at the same time sing a lullaby as it is possible more quietly. When he falls asleep, put him in a bed, without doing sharp movements, otherwise he will wake up. Sometimes replacement of a bed with a cradle in which the kid can be swung helps, without getting and without taking on hands.

3. The child of more advanced age able to go and speak can refuse to sleep consciously. Do not abuse it for it at all - the result will turn out the return. It is the best of all if by the evening he is tired of a mobile game, sports, housework, long walk in the fresh air - the main thing that everything was voluntarily. But do not substitute fatigue for a stress at all. The child can quickly, strong fall asleep and having had a fight with parents or having watched the emotional movie, but the result of a stress will turn out similar to result of fatigue only at first sight. During sleep, caused by a stress, the kid can twitch, and to tell in the morning that nightmares dreamed him. Despite duration of such dream, the child can almost not get enough sleep.

4. Some children well fall asleep after performance of certain rituals: viewing telecast "Good Night, Kids" or similar, readings fairy tale. Do not interfere with the child if he wishes to take a certain toy in a bed. And here do not allow to fall asleep with candy behind a cheek at all - it is harmful to teeth and threatens with hit of candy in a windpipe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team