How to find an inspiration source

How to find an inspiration source

"Accidentally on a knife pocket find a mote of the distant countries — and the world will appear strange, wrapped up in color fog again", - this stanza from the poem by Alexander Blok. And here one more — from great Anna Akhmatova: "… When you would know from what litter verses grow, without knowing shame …". Both of them — about sources of the miracle called inspiration.

Inspiration … Divine and devil, blind and lighting up, vague and clear. Great masters of rhymes could not create in its absence: Pushkin called it winged, Sologub — wild, Nadson — thoughtful, Zhukovsky — light. At someone it the rare guest, and favourites of muses call such handicraftsmen. There is also other extreme — the inspiration rushes similar to manifestations of a sincere disease turning the creator into serious test for people around.

Inspiration: a gift for all or only for the elite?

No, perhaps, a field of activity in which the inspiration would not visit the person. Then there is a miracle and "any undertaking as a basket in the coal miner's dream from "Scarlet sails" of Green blossoms roses". And here the daily routine makes the person indifferent to the occupation until recently seeming fascinating and interesting. The stagnation reason — in lack of inspiration.

Inspiration — the guest expensive and desired, but not punctual. Its delay, and even the postponed visit are explainable: elation not always copes with household disorders, material problems, moral adversities. The result of work "without spark" is not necessarily bad, especially if work is done by the expert. However it is considered that masterpieces in any genre of art — an inspiration fruit from above.

What is not loved by muses

Creation of ideal conditions for arrival of inspiration will be a serious mistake. The kitchen sparkling the latest equipment does not guarantee to the hostess creation of a culinary miracle. The cozy studio and the lulling tranquility of life will not provide in itself to the sculptor or the artist emergence of amazing creations. The composer, the musician or the singer having sound recording super-studio are not always advantageous against the background of less wealthy shop fellows. Often meeting inspiration at the beginning of a career, people hope that rise on a social ladder, improvement of conditions for creativity and to that similar vital improvements will only increase the potential of "vdokhnovlennost" and quantity of inspirations. And as a result receive calmness, narcissism, lose curiosity and interest, closing soul from emotions which once awoke creative rushes.

How to try keys to inspiration

Where does the inspiration leave? Does not leave anywhere. It remains a row, not in forces to break through barriers of habits, indifferences, snobbery. Sometimes it is expelled intentionally as not corresponding to someone's concepts about the level or heat of creative rushes. But great variety of the people in love with the business will tell that the source of inspiration is magically available: it is necessary to recreate a situation in which elation once inspired you. The inspiration will gush a wave at sounds of the forgotten melody, will squeeze heart when reading the good book, will tickle in a nose parashyutiky a dandelion. Walk in a quiet corner of the park, a trip to the nature will return feeling of novelty of every day to soul. Communication with interesting people, desire to acquaint them with the creative party of own nature will also lead to a meeting with inspiration. One more of the right ways conducting to frequent meetings with a muse — desire to see new in known, studied, to keep a childlike faith in proximity and reality of the bewitching fairy tale.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team