How to find overfatigue symptoms in the child

How to find overfatigue symptoms in the child

Overfatigue - the state arising at long lack of rest at the child. Usually arises against the background of the exhaustion proceeding long time. It can lead to emergence of psychosomatic frustration.

Psychologists draw close attention to mental health of modern children. Big loadings in school lead to emergence of overfatigue. But even those children who do not go to school yet, constantly spending time in kindergarten or on circles, by the end of the year are tired of emotional and physical pressure. Not everyone can tell about the fatigue owing to age and other features. Kids, for example, begin to be capricious. How to find overfatigue symptoms?

As overfatigue symptoms are shown

First of all pay attention to subjective and objective signs. Emergence of the general discomfort, headaches of different degree of expressiveness belongs to subjective indicators, delay of the speech, a mimicry and movements sometimes is found. The child can have an apathy, slackness, decrease in attention, irritability.

Symptoms of medical character belong to objective signs of overfatigue. For example, changes can concern arterial blood pressure, increase in heart rate. It can be found when using electrocardiography. Also at researches of children with overfatigue sometimes doctors note noise in heart and the speeded-up respiratory activity. Respectively, it is possible to find symptoms of strong fatigue in the child not only on behavior, but also on physiological changes.

How to define whether the child copes with loadings?

If you noticed that the child cannot fall asleep in the evening or, on the contrary, asks to have a sleep in the afternoon, he has bad an appetite and weight reduction is observed, it can demonstrate overfatigue manifestation. To lead the arising imbalance to the fact that the kid often begins to be ill. Manifestation of all above signs demonstrate that day loadings should be reconsidered and distributed taking into account physiological and psychological features of your child. Thus, it is rather easy to find overfatigue symptoms. If parents noticed the signs suitable under the description, it is necessary to reduce loadings. Of course, each person has the right sometimes to feel tired. But pediatricians pay attention that if it occurs constantly, then it is necessary to check carefully health and to modify a day regimen. Signs of overfatigue can be a symptom of other diseases, beginning from an allergy, finishing with changes in a hormonal background. The same manifestations are found in children of more advanced age at a syndrome of chronic fatigue. Correctly to define the diagnosis, surely show the teenager to the doctor.

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