How to find the friend for the child

How to find the friend for the child

Friendship plays an essential role in life of each person. Friends appear in the early childhood when mom goes outside to walk with the child. Drives it in children's circles. At first it is very difficult to start acquaintance and friendship. Everything comes over time.


1. By two years all children begin to reach for peers. To this age to the child communication in the bosom of the family suffices already. Many faced that the child cannot be taken away home from the playground? This quite normal phenomenon. The child grows, he needs for own development communication with peers. Parents in turn have to impart communication elements to the kid as soon as possible. It will play a huge role at the beginning of contact with other children. But to find true friends very difficult.

2. As for absolutely small children, the huge role is played by visit of the developing actions, circles or sections. In all cities there are groups in which are engaged with children who even do not go to a day nursery yet. These circles are organized by psychologists and teachers. Parents carry to such places of the kids that they were prepared for a day nursery, played with them, developed them. Them learn to communicate. Just from it friendship can be also started. Sometimes after acquaintance on such circles children ask mom to go to play with some certain child. Parents begin to communicate with children also out of a circle.

3. The platform near the house can serve as the place of acquaintance and appearance of friends too. Children begin to communicate with those who without effort make contact. Certainly children not only play, but also clash. Did not divide a bucket or the beautiful machine. The child constantly is under family care at home and thinks what so has to be everywhere. You teach as soon as possible the child not to be greedy. When children began to quarrel, it is not necessary to stand apart, it is necessary to smooth the conflict.

4. Explain to the child as it is possible to take the first step for acquaintance. Take the child by hand and get acquainted at first with your help. Explain to the child that it is necessary to be able to listen, sympathize, empathize. You visit more often friends where there are small children. Let children communicate. Looking at your communication with friends, the child will follow an example. And a good example of it only on advantage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team