How to find the good logopedist

How to find the good logopedist

Many children have any violations of the speech. When parents face this problem at the child, before them there is a question: where to find the qualified and experienced logopedist?


1. First of all, it is possible to address the logopedist at policlinic, kindergarten or school which is attended by your child. If there is an opportunity to go to him, then to you will not be involved any financial costs - it is free. Besides, it is not necessary to carry the child somewhere. However it is necessary to consider that in classes with the logopedist at policlinic there is a certain quota for classes, and these hours can be insufficiently for updating of the speech. In kindergartens and schools the logopedic classes are given for children with insignificant violations of the speech. If the child needs more serious help, you can send to specialized logopedic kindergarten or school.

2. The logopedic kindergarten perfectly will be suitable for development of the kid with serious violations of the speech. In logopedic kindergartens both the logopedic, and educational development of the child is usually perfectly put. Except classes in correction of the speech, with children are engaged in development of attention, thinking, memory, motility and also train in mathematics, the diploma, a molding and drawing. However, the number of individual classes in specialized kindergarten for the child can be insufficient. In that case you should look for in addition the logopedist that he was engaged with the child individually.

3. Also you can address to any paid medical center or a logopedic office. Pluses of this option: - the legalized activity; - specially equipped rooms; - careful selection of experts; - professionalism; - individual plan of classes; - possibility of the choice of optimum time. Minuses: as a rule, rather high financial expenses in comparison with the cost of services of the private expert.

4. It is good if you can find the logopedist according to the recommendation of acquaintances. Especially if they are happy with results of its work. This option is good the fact that you can find objective information about the logopedist, about his professionalism. However, it must be kept in mind that the expert who to you was recommended by someone from acquaintances or friends, can not meet the deadline in which he corrected defect of the speech at other child. As there are no identical children, terms of elimination of problems in the speech at different children are individual.

5. If you have no opportunity to find the private logopedist according to the recommendation, it is possible to find him according to the announcement in the newspaper or on the Internet. Pluses of this option: departure on the house if such service is rendered; an opportunity to agree about the payment arranging both parties. Minuses: it is difficult to find trusted reviews about the private expert; there are no guarantees and official obligations from the private logopedist. Therefore it is desirable to find as much as possible information on his professionalism and experience.

6. Questions which it is desirable for logopedist to set: - what its qualification and experience? - what cost of classes? - how will it be long necessary to attend classes?

7. After a while, when the child will begin to be engaged with the expert, pay attention to how the logopedist communicates with the child, how easy the kid feels in his society. Do not forget that success at correction of violations of the speech in many respects depends on mutual understanding between the logopedist and the child. Therefore it is very important as far as between them the contact is come.

8. Try also to be present at classes to understand how work on correction of the speech progresses. Also surely be engaged with the child at home, carrying out exercises of the logopedist. The speech skill is not gained for one occupation, the constant training is important here. Therefore that classes with the logopedist were effective and fruitful for the child, surely work these tasks with the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team