How to finish feeding the child

How to finish feeding the child

The best food for the kid is maternal milk. But owing to some reasons of milk the woman has not enough. The low increase of weight and constant concern of the kid demonstrates to it. In such cases the doctors recommend to finish feeding the child the adapted dairy mix.


1. The supplementary feeding donor milk or mix is appointed when the kid owing to age cannot eat other food, i.e. up to 6 months. After half a year the supplementary feeding is entered only when to the kid the feeding up suffices. The doctor, proceeding from the data on a set of weight of the child which are available for it and the volume of mother's milk has to make calculation of amount of necessary mix.

2. Divide the daily volume of a supplementary feeding into equal parts. If the doctor recommends to enter 300 ml of mix, then it is better to distribute this quantity on 6 feedings on 50 ml in everyone. The smaller volume of a supplementary feeding can be divided into the smaller number of feedings. Mix is given once at 3 o'clock, and here the breast can be offered unlimited number of times. If you seek to keep breastfeeding, then refrain from a supplementary feeding at night. Frequent night applyings promote improvement of a lactation.

3. Give mix strictly on hours. If the kid gets hungry before the put time, offer it a breast.

4. In the appointed hour of feeding first of all the breast is offered to the child. After the kid devastates it, it is possible to offer him a small bottle with necessary amount of mix. If the child does not drink up it, so he rather breast milk, therefore, needed to pour out residues of mix. If the kid regularly does not eat up mix, it is necessary to reconsider supplementary feeding volume towards reduction.

5. Often kids begin to refuse a breast, having got acquainted with a small bottle as at its sucking it is not necessary to use the efforts - mix itself flows in a mouth of the baby. If the mixed feeding for you a temporary compulsory measure, finish feeding the kid from a spoon or by means of the syringe without needle. This way is more labor-consuming, than feeding from a small bottle, but it is more preferable when mom seeks to return to full breastfeeding in the future.

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