How to fix a canopy to a crib

How to fix a canopy to a crib

The canopy is very elegant bed curtains, a canopy which fastens over a bed on metal or wooden poles. It performs purely esthetic function, brings a highlight in the bedroom of your kid. The canopy serves in order that protect sleeping from annoying insects or dust, from solar and a moonlight.


1. That to hang it, you need a framework. Take a metal bar and bend it so that letter P turned out.

2. Then on a bar it is necessary to attach previously prepared rings.

3. Fix the turned-out design to its wall.

4. Bar it is possibleof to fix and on a vertical support. Then you need fixture for a canopy. The framework can also be done also of a tree. In this case it is necessary to attach a bar to a wall, and it has to be rather thick. At the edges of a bar, laths will fasten. They are made, as a rule, of a tree. Laths have to be attached perpendicularly to a wall. It should be noted that if you use such design, then you need to hang exclusively easy canopy. It has to just snatch on a framework and sag slightly between laths.

5. Now it is possible to buy also special ceiling designs in which strings and laths are used. On them the canopy will also fasten.

6. Often use the so-called canopies stylized under ancient. To achieve such effect, it is necessary to attach support on which the design for hanging of a canopy will be mounted. Support from a tree can be replaced with shod which are usually made by the individual order.

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