How to fix jollyjumpers

How to fix jollyjumpers

Jollyjumpers – just irreplaceable thing for the growing-up child. They help to strengthen muscles of legs and a back, to prepare the child for bipedalism, to develop at it motive coordination. Today the market offers the huge choice of jollyjumpers, there is open a question: how it is correct to fix them to benefit at most and to do without injuries?


1. Classical option – fix jollyjumpers on the dowel hammered over a doorway. On a dowel, but not on a nail, be it the huge strongest. Besides, the doorway should not be gipsokartonovy, and has to have the sufficient width allowing the child to be shaken in different directions. There is one more moment not really convenient in this case: sometimes the doorway has porozhek that complicates the movement of the kid and increases a possibility of a trauma.

2. The second option – hang up jollyjumpers on the hook intended for a chandelier. At the same time it is necessary to check fastening for durability again to avoid accident as the kid in jollyjumpers with very decent force jumps. The most tested way – dad who checks reliability of fastening by body weight. This way is remarkable the fact that it creates true freedom of the movement, and the purpose of jollyjumpers in it and consists.

3. The third option – fix jollyjumpers on a crossbeam of a sports wall. There are walls which keep on the dowels hammered into a wall, there are options on struts from a floor to a ceiling. Anyway, they are very reliable and will provide the safe movement to the kid.

4. Using the last idea, place in the apartment a special mobile beam, metal or wooden on which it would be possible to suspend strong hooks. Such design is convenient that if desired it is possible to shift easily the exercise machine or, on the contrary, to nominate it to desirable distance from a wall. On such beam it is possible to fix subsequently and the teeter, it is very convenient also the main thing – safely.

5. Fix jollyjumpers so what the child would touch by the bent floor legs. Then it will be able to straighten them, to make a start and jump up. Densely clasp all fastenings. Hands of the kid arrange on axillary rollers, it will lower load of a backbone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team