How to force the child of to respect

How to force the child of to respect

The respect of the child for surrounding people, their work, opinion and private life begins with his respect for the parents. But it cannot arise from scratch, the respect should begin to be imparted from the first days of life of the kid.


1. To force the child to respect itself, first of all, do not follow the tastes of a widespread statement "Is afraid, so respects". Fear and respect - absolutely different things. If the child obeys you only for fear to receive punishment, obedience over time of its growing can disappear or, what is even worse, to turn into a revolt. And respect for other people at it it can never be created any more.

2. But punishment for bad acts always has to be. He will think differently that everything is permitted to it. In this case about any respect out of the question. The child will consider by the main thing only himself and the desires. Do not beat the kid. It will be more effectively simple to stand him in the corner or to forbid to play a favourite game for some time.

3. Try that your words never dispersed from business. It concerns not only punishments for serious offenses, but also encouragement. If you promised to go to the cinema with it, make it. If it is impossible – give good reasons and surely you descend later. So the child will be sure always of the hardness of your words. And the promised punishment too. Similar actions you not only will cultivate in it respect for the words, acts, but also will set an excellent example to the hardness of this word.

4. Do not lie to the child. Children can feel a lie too, and learn to lie at the close people surrounding them. Having caught you on a lie several times, they will cease to trust your words. And, therefore, and to respect them too.

5. Respect the child. Namely: his desires, requirements and hobbies. Solving something for it, try to take an interest also in his opinion too. Do not consider it a priori a silly children's whim. In this case the child will not shout then that he is not obliged to respect anybody, time and its opinion is interested nobody. Remember that the behavior of children somewhat is reflection of behavior of the parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team