How to force the kid is

How to force the kid is

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Children of early age quickly grow and develop. Their abilities, skills, requirements, character change. During this period most often parents face a problem of feeding of the kid. If the child badly eats, then the reason should be looked for in methods and means of your education. If in family food reception hours are strictly observed - it is not necessary to complain of small appetite of the kid at meal time.

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1. There are families in which accustom children there are under songs, dancings of grandmothers and grandfathers. Business here not in appetite, just the child was spoiled excessive attention. It gives it pleasure, becomes a habit. To force the kid to eat in such family difficult. Grandmothers and grandfathers want to indulge the grandchildren. And it is inconvenient to parents of the child to make a remark to seniors. Here also the vicious circle turns out. Therefore if you live together with the parents, then undertake the main care on education of the kid. Then they will not take part so actively in this process. It is no secret that often young parents try to transfer all care of the child to the fathers and mothers. And grandmothers and grandfathers try not to refuse anything to the grandchildren. There are also further problems of such plan.

2. The large role in feeding of the child is played by a day regimen. The children living on the mode are less whimsical and better eat. It is connected with the fact that they develop a certain reflex. Their stomach begins ""to ask"" food in one and too time. Therefore such children eat always with appetite, without any arrangements. Do not allow the child to have a bite between meals of buns, candies, cookies. If you refuse to it such ""having a snack"", then you will see: in two hours he will ask to eat. Sweets, fruit, berries need to be given in the determined hours. As contain in them sugar. And it for a long time lowers salivation.

3. It is necessary to feed the kid only when he wants it. Experts consider that the main thing is not to overfeed the child. Only it seems to many parents that the child does not eat. They have to know that the child cannot starve. When the organism demands some food - the child always eats. The small appetite of the kid can be connected with rare walks. Walk with it in the fresh air more often.

4. Try to diversify dishes. Monotonous food quickly bothers the child. Beautiful and original decoration of a table promotes good appetite. By three years it is already possible to make out dishes together with the child. It not only will help you to feed him without hysterics, but also to develop at him imagination and creative abilities.

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