How to force the man to bring the child

How to force the man to bring the child

Sometimes the women wishing to become pregnant face, at first sight, unsolvable problem: unwillingness of the man to have the child. But, if the man the head of the family, then the woman - a neck. At the correct approach it can direct the man to a right way. There are several ways helping to change the husband's view of the birth of the kid.


1. It is impossible to force the man by blackmail and hysterics at all. It can lead at best to a quarrel, and in the worst - to break in relations. It is simple to persuade the husband too, most likely, it will not turn out. The man will defend the correctness up to the end. Deception will not lead to anything good. If to become pregnant "quietly", then subsequently the relations can be completely destroyed. The man has to understand that the birth of the son or daughter will be for it the joyful moment, but not shock.

2. Sometimes the unwillingness to have the child arises because of uncertainty in the partner. If this is true, then try to achieve trust. It has to have full confidence. Do not force it to be jealous in any occasions. Prove the good hostess responsible and the loving wife. Perhaps, it lacks something. Try to give it that he wants.

3. If the man treats business persons, then, perhaps, the rational conversation will bring to wished to result. Talk to the man what he wants. What material values and the social status he wants to achieve before bringing the child. If he is able to answer all questions, then you should not worry about the future already. The man wants to achieve a steady position, to provide future mother and the child with all benefits. It turns out that he in the long term sees the child. Here it is worth supporting him in all undertakings.

4. Visit the friends who have children. The man will visually see life of family with the child. Will communicate to parents. Perhaps he will understand that his life after the birth of the kid will be same steady, as well as now. But here it is worth thinking to what friends to go. It is necessary to choose family where the child not whimsical. Otherwise, having got to a situation where constantly noise and shouts, the man can be frightened. And then he will be even more difficult to be overpersuaded.

5. You can resort to communication with the husband's parents. At a conversation with the father-in-law and the mother-in-law thinly hint that are ready to bring the child. Most of parents simply dream to have grandchildren and granddaughters. Here already and potential the grandmother with the grandfather will resort to various methods helping to achieve grandchildren. And, as we know, for the man mother is the wisest, and dad the authority. Anyway, he will not turn to their word a deaf ear, and will think.

6. Let know to it that the birth of the child is the main indicator of its machismo. Only it is impossible to tell it directly. It is necessary to show care, otherwise the man can think that darling considers him not the man.

7. If nothing helped, then take a timeout. Consider all taken steps, analyze reaction of the man. As a result it is possible to find the most optimum methods of influence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team