How to force the son to study

How to force the son to study

At modern school the main element of a pedagogical system is training and education of children. The school not only gives to children of knowledge, but also teaches simple communication in collective. When the school student begins to think out different ways not to study, parents begin to look for an exit from current situation.


1. Ask the son what relations at him developed in collective – with schoolmates, the class teacher, the teacher of music and physical education. Quite often boys become hidden and closed, also the unwillingness to study follows from here.

2. Talk to the class teacher of the son about the appeared problems. Often the teacher on the other hand can describe current situation and tell what difficulties in study arose at the child.

3. Ask the school student to show the task set on the house. Sometimes material which to the boy at school give not absolutely is clear to it. In this case the child doubts what to cope with him, and simply does not want to carry out him.

4. Support the child and help him with doing homework. Sit down together with it at a desk and ask to reflect logically over a school task, explain that material with which understanding the son had difficulties. If the child dealt with written, surely praise him.

5. Pay to the child as much as possible attention. Children very sharply feel a lack of parental warmth and care and instinctively try to draw attention of parents with the refusal of study. The child perfectly understands that if he refuses to do homework, mom and dad will surely pay to it attention, so and to him.

6. When the son came home from school, take an interest at him that interesting was at school that it did on changes and about what the teacher at a lesson told. Do not ask the child every day what assessment he brought since he has to understand that go to school not behind estimates, and behind knowledge.

7. Do not abuse the child, do not snatch on him with shouts and dismantling if it brought home a bad note. Quietly sit down together and sort out the reason. However if the two in the diary appear with systematic regularity, it is possible to deprive of the child of entertainments, for example, of games in the computer or in a prefix.

8. Consider features of an organism of your son and develop a daily routine. For example, after school – rest, food, lessons. And some children like to do homeworks at once, and already then to have a rest.

9. Remember that to the school student special attention from parents is required. Be tolerant, careful and attentive parents, send the boy to the correct course, and then the child surely will have a desire to study.

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