How to force the teenager to study

How to force the teenager to study

Parents of some teenagers well know how difficult happens to force them to study. In most cases teenagers do not need the help of adults, for example, when they play with friends or are engaged in the fact that it is interesting to them. However when business concerns study, difficulties appear.

The reason of unwillingness to study

Before understanding how to force the teenager to study, it is necessary to learn the reason for which he does not want to do it independently. The reasons can be various, for example, he constantly thinks of walks in the company of the friends or cannot come off a favourite computer game. Anyway, without answer to this question the solution will be extremely difficult.

Emotions of the teenager

Study an emotional spirit of the teenager, perhaps, difficulties in study, hands force it to lower complexity of tasks which it should face. In that case you should work over motivation. The fear of study, alarm for result and diffidence can also lead to the fact that the child will just refuse to be engaged.


Remember that for some teenagers the main priority is communication with friends and occupation favourite affairs. Such relation to affairs is transferred by them and to school, study at the same time is perceived by them as the forced need. If your child also does not treat such children, for certain in his class there will be a teenager having negative effect on schoolmates. Tell the teenager that good study does not mean absence of friends at all. Tell stories from the childhood, tell about the school friends and about how you studied at school.

If you the parent the single, try to find to the child the correct approach, taking into account lack of influence of the second parent. The wrong approach can aggravate a situation.

Keep a positive spirit

Be not limited to a praise or the words of support only if the child do something good. Such approach forces the teenager to avoid a mistake and difficulty. If your child came from school, having received unsatisfactory assessment for an examination, do not abuse him. Understand it and tell the words of support.

Perhaps, the teenager needed to tell courage to you about a bad note, in that case your reaction will be especially important.


If the teenager does not like to do homeworks, do not speak to him "Go, make lessons", instead sit down near him at a table and you do not depart, do not make sure yet that it really began to do it. The small push is necessary for some teenagers that then to continue to perform work.

You do not press

Do not wait from the child that he was same successful and good as, for example, you. If he does not perform any housework, it does not mean that it is irresponsible, it means that he is only a teenager. Do not abuse it on trifles, become for it the friend. You treat its misses with sense of humour, reminding at the same time of its duties. Use unusual or playful ways of communication, for example, leave notes with a reminder that to it about need to make lessons. Constant reading notations causes boomerang effect, it force the child to take a defensive position. You carry out with it brainstorming regarding his study more often. Teenagers are more inclined to follow with own hand made plan.

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