How to force to bring the child

How to force to bring the child

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Rather often in family life of couples there are situations when the woman dreams of the child, and the man is not ready to become a father yet. It is not necessary to force literally the husband that he agreed with your plans about reproduction. But by means of reduction of enough objective arguments it is possible to get its approval.


1. The main thing for the woman who appeared in such situation is not to resort to various blackmail, up to break in relations, not to put ultimatums, and only to defend the position. Also it is not necessary to resort to deception.

2. The man can show unwillingness to appearance of children if he is not confident in the woman who is near it. Therefore for a start reconsider all your relations. As far as they are strong. As far as he trusts you. Having understood it, it will be simpler to you to understand what is not enough for the man for feeling of entire happiness, being near you.

3. If your elect treats the category of business men who thoroughly approach life, then it is worth approaching quietly a conversation about future children. It can give arguments of rather financial condition of your family as an explanation of the unwillingness at the moment and what it has to be to plan its replenishment. It needs to be supported in this regard as these arguments only indicate that it has an aim towards which he goes.

4. For a bright example you can go to your acquaintances who already have children. Suggest it to play with the kid or to take on hands, but only not when he is capricious. It can spoil all picture of the events and let the man know that all his arguments are right also desire to have the child prematurely.

5. You can ask for the help the man's parents, having told about your desire. If parents support you, then they will be able to influence the son as nobody is better than them him does not know. It can be expressed by a hint from their party about desire to have grandchildren. This option is good, only if you and your man have friendly relations with parents.

6. After all, you can tell the man that the child is the best way to show the solvency, than his rolled torso or expensive car. It is possible to mention that the birth of the child will make you one of the happiest women in the world, and you will love new dad even more.

7. If all attempts were not crowned with success, then it is worth taking a break and to recover the breath. Analyze all your relations once again and consider chances of success from the objective point of view. To make it is important the decision in life as emergence in your family of the child, is necessary for any person time. So give it to the man.

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