How to get in line in kindergarten in Voronezh

How to get in line in kindergarten in Voronezh

In Voronezh at the moment there are 150 kindergartens. In order that upon termination of a maternity leave to define the child in some of them, it is necessary to worry about it in advance. Places in kindergartens are still not enough therefore it is necessary to get in line. The regional commission is engaged in distribution of places.

It is required to you

  • - passport (one of parents);
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - reference of parents;
  • - the document confirming the right for privileges (at its existence).


1. Come to the regional monitoring commission (Ostuzhev St., 14; Lenin p-t, 93; Lizyukov St., 30; st. is 20 years old of October, 105/1; Nikitinskaya St., 8; Domostroiteley St., 30). Bring with yourself the passport there (the passport belonging to mother or the child's father), the reference of parents, the birth certificate of the kid and the document confirming the right for privileges if that is available (for example, the student ID card or the certificate of single mother, the military certificate will approach). The application form and the corresponding forms have to lie on a table near an office.

2. Write the application for statement on turnof in kindergarten. Enter data of necessary documents in it. Specify terms in which you want to send the child to a garden and also two or three institutions which will suit you. Existence of a registration in other area does not play an essential role, parents have the right to send the child to kindergarten around the actual accommodation.

3. Submit the application and take the reference with number of turn. You store this reference until the child does not come to kindergarten.

4. You call periodically in the regional commission (The Central district - (4732) 52-35-86; Railway - (4732) 23-07-35; Soviet - (4732) 63-04-04; Comintern - (4732) 21-03-29; Left-bank - (4732) 49-42-75 and Leninsky district - (4732) 77-05-10) be also interested as there takes place process. Do it in that area where there was a registration in the monitoring commission.

5. Wait for a call from kindergarten when the turn approaches, they have to report. Or address repeatedly to the commission at the time of completing of kindergarten groups, it passes everything summer months, from June 1 to August 31. Lists hang out. Check, lists whether your surname is brought. In the same place receive the permit on the basis of which there will be a transfer of the child in kindergarten.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team