How to get on with children's hysterics

How to get on with children's hysterics

Children are undoubtedly huge happiness and a perennial spring of joy. However it not only load of nervous system, but also smart training of endurance, ingenuity and balance of mentality of parents. How to get on with our children and to resist to a storm of emotions of our why-askers – the issue was vital at all times.

For a start it is important to understand one – children's scandals and disobedience, most often, attempt to draw attention of parents. The whole world of the child is concentrated just on being in the center of this attention. Why it is so valuable? For the child at the level of course of unconscious processes of mentality the attention of parents concentrated on it, loved the guarantor of safety – I will be protected and fed.

And taking into account that parents are more often busy (oh our, eternally hurrying somewhere, time), to draw attention with negative behavior much more simply, than positive. And most often children also do not know how it is possible to pay on another this precious attention to himself, without having gone into a loud hysterics or without trying to get a fork to the socket. Then the attention of parents will be with guarantee with a predictable absolute accuracy!

What needs to be done if we face this type of a children's hysterics? It is very simple – to ignore everything whenever possible, naturally, controlling physical safety of the child. What does it mean: it means that if your child went into a hysterics on the carriageway or fights from all force-headed about a floor, you should not ignore in this case, obviously.

The main goal of ignoring is that the child understood that in such cunning way he would not will receive desirable result in how many decibels of the noise attack it did not threaten you. As option, the child it is possible to distract or switch his attention. Children very well switch the attention to what interests them, at all forgetting both about the hysterics reason, and about her. And the most important is to teach the child to other stereotypes of behavior. Positive. Fixing them just by excess of that precious attention which your child so is eager from you.

If not to be infected with a negative and to keep calm and ability to analyze a situation, then at consecutive behavior you surely receive desirable result.

And the most important in this difficult process of education of your child not to forget that the love much – does not happen. It is the truth?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team