How to get on with the child

How to get on with the child

As hard sometimes happens to get on with the child who persistently insists on the. During the next hysterics of your three-year fumes the bowl of your patience is overflowed to the brim. Wise parents advise in such cases to keep calm and hardness.


1. Respect the kid. Your child - not only the low-reasonable being demanding constant guardianship. It also the independent full-fledged personality with the desires and aspirations. You do not treat the child's requests as to something insignificant. If the requirement of the kid does not bring upon you special trouble, execute it. For example, do not neglect a request of the kid to look how the frog swims and to tell about features of her behavior. Your child will be grateful to you, and his horizons will considerably be broadened.

2. If the satisfaction of a request threatens health of the kid or violates rules of conduct in society, then be strict and consecutive. Explain to the child why you forbid him any given action. The request of the child should not be granted under any pretext, whether it be ""for a while"", ""slightly"" or ""just once and all"". And next time at emergence of a similar situation the ban has to remain in force.

3. Try not to use in communication with the child of swear words, the raised voice, manhandling. The last is justified only in extreme cases when the baby oversteps the bound legal, and other means do not help any more. The slap in the soft place is possible only without rage and is strict in the educational purposes.

4. If you love the child and whatever it happened, then be on his party. One of your parental responsibilities - to protect the child under any circumstances. He has no other protection yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team