How to get rid of an intertrigo at the newborn

How to get rid of an intertrigo at the newborn

Skin of the newborn child such gentle that even small errors in leaving can cause emergence of an intertrigo. That it did not occur, in the first months of life of the baby it is necessary to show consideration for implementation of hygienic procedures and use of cosmetics especially.


1. Regularly change disposable diapers and diapers. If you use gauze diapers, they should be removed right after soaking. Change disposable pampers each 2-3 hours. After the kid descends "more", be not limited to wiping of buttocks wet towel wipes. Surely wash the baby under warm water and carefully blot all folds with a soft towel. Arrange to the kid of a bathtub with addition of broth of the herbs promoting healing of skin such as camomile and train.

2. Arrange to the baby as often as possible air bathtubs. Continuous stay in disposable diapers leads to emergence of an intertrigo. And the best assistant in their prevention – fresh air. At each change of a diaper leave the kid naked for several minutes provided that in the room warmly, and the baby does not lie under an open window leaf.

3. Use only special means for washing of children's linen. Carefully rinse baby's undershirts and diapers in water to remove all residues of powder. In the first weeks iron the kidswear having direct contact with skin of the kid, the hot iron from two parties.

4. Do not abuse children's cosmetics. You should not smear with cream and oil of a fold very often, it can lead to decrease in natural protective function of an organism. It is better to use cream which part zinc is after consultation with the doctor. Pay attention to wet towel wipes. Impregnation in their structure can cause irritation and allergic reaction. Try to use wet towel wipes only when there is no access to warm water.

5. An intertrigo can arise owing to irritation of skin on impregnation or material of a disposable diaper. In this case try to apply diapers of other firm.

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