How to get rid of atopic dermatitis at the child

How to get rid of atopic dermatitis at the child

With the child's birth the life of the man and woman is turned upside down. New cares, efforts and experiences are added. Each parent wants that his kid was happy and healthy. Statistically every year the children suffering from allergic reactions more often are born. Some an allergy outgrow, and she keeps in line with some all life.

Atopic dermatitis

Banal allergic rash if not to eliminate allergen, can pass into atopic dermatitis which is irregular shape of an allergy. To get rid of it it is quite difficult.

Such allergic reaction can be shown on any part of a body of the kid, but most often on a face, bends of hands and legs. Therefore even small reddening of skin has to guard mom. Reddenings of skin (""intertrigo"") very often appear on skin of newborn children, their skin gentle and easily gives in to various irritants which are enough in the environment. Most often ""intertrigo"" appears on a bottom and in an inguinal zone of the kid from behind diapers. It is simple to banish such sore. It is enough to arrange as often as possible to the kid air bathtubs and to grease the damaged sites of skin with special cream, that, for example, Bepanten cream is.

If reddenings of skin appeared on the back of elbows, a face, in all folds of skin, the child's neck mom surely has to see a doctor as it is one of signs of manifestation of allergic dermatitis. You should not joke with it as without having given a znayeniye to reddenings parents risk to receive heavier stage of dermatitis when the reddened spots turn into constantly becoming wet, itching wounds.

Atopic dermatitis very much disturbs the child. The kid sleeps badly, constantly tries to scratch the appeared spots and as he cannot calculate force, often raschesyvayet wounds before emergence of blood. Atopic dermatitis can be shown as at the children who are on breastfeeding and at children bottle-fed babies.

Mom's food

The main thing for mom of the child allergic person is to watch the food (it is desirable to keep a food diary). In case similar allergic reaction at the child nevertheless was shown it is necessary to address urgently a pediator and to strictly limit itself in the used products for about 2-3 days in order that the allergy began to pass and to define what types of products are strictly forbidden to be eaten. Mom's food these 2-3 days doldno to consist of the buckwheat or rice porridge cooked on water, boiled potatoes, the same grain soup cooked on vegetable broth with addition of a small amount of vegetable oil.

It is possible to have unsweetened tea and to eat boiled broccolis and a cauliflower. Hard, but all this for the good of the child. When allergic reaction begins to disappear considerably, it is necessary to add to a diet on a small dose of one product once in two days and to monitor reaction of an organism of the child. At once exclude such products as: sugar, milk and products containing it, fat pork, chicken, eggs, red vegetables and fruit. These types of products are strong allergens.

Use of medicines

In case of sharp manifestation of allergic reaction the child can give 1/4 tablets Suprastina (if the advantage exceeds possible admissible harm) and immediately see a doctor as Quincke's edema is possible.

At atopic dermatitis skin of the child suffers from dehydration therefore it needs to be humidified with creams-emolentami (Emolium, LipoBeyz), Elidel is very effective in fight against dermatitis.

Care for child having atopic dermatitis

  • Regular damp cleaning of the room where there is a kid
  • Maintenance of optimum humidity of air
  • Use of gippoalergenny powders and soap
  • Daily bathing (no more than 15 min.)
  • Accuracy at contact with the child (not to injure skin)
  • Regular long walks in the fresh air
  • Plentiful drinking mode

It is necessary to impart the child, but only in a month after disappearance of allergic reaction.

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