How to get rid of extensions during pregnancy

How to get rid of extensions during pregnancy

Future mom has to watch not only over the health, but also over beauty of the body. During pregnancy there is a risk of emergence of extensions on skin, but is possible to prevent their emergence, watching the food and looking after skin.

It is required to you

  • - Balanced food;
  • - special linen for pregnant women;
  • - cream from ryastyazhek on skin;
  • - peach, almond, olive oils;
  • - vitamins.


1. Try to watch the food. The daily diet has to include vegetables, fruit, dairy products, meat, grain. Not only health of future child, but your appearance depends on your food. For preservation of elastic and elastic skin enough water has to come to an organism.

2. Do not overeat. A sharp set of weight will damage not only to a condition of your skin, but also will increase load of an organism. Try to limit the use of sweets, candy stores and pasta. If you noticed a strong increase of weight, arrange yourself fasting day, previously having consulted to the doctor.

3. You wear special linen for pregnant women. Prenatal bras, pants with the supporting belt, a bandage will help to prevent otvisany skin and emergence of extensions on it.

4. Begin to use cosmetics from extensions from 3rd month of pregnancy. It will allow skin to become impregnated with useful minerals and to sustain the forthcoming loading. There are special creams from extensions intended for future mothers. They should be applied according to the instruction attached to cream on places of possible emergence of extensions. The breast, a stomach and hips concern them.

5. Apply house and folk remedies to fight against extensions. Some oils, such as peach, almond, oil of sprouts of wheat are useful to skin. It is possible to use olive oil, it contains a large amount of vitamin E. It is better to rub oil in skin slightly warmed up on a water bath after a shower before going to bed.

6. Consult to the doctor about intake of vitamins. The vitamin E giving to skin smoothness, elasticity and elasticity is especially useful.

7. If extensions after all appeared, be not upset and continue to use further cosmetics, oils, to accept vitamins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team