How to get rid of fear of childbirth

How to get rid of fear of childbirth

You are happy and look forward to appearance of the kid. But with approach of date of childbirth the feeling of alarm and fear increases, and at some future mummies the real panic begins. You should not be upset, nervousness and fear of childbirth is quite natural phenomenon. Some women are frightened by pain which arises in the course of childbirth, others the forthcoming motherhood concerns them and whether they will cope with the newborn.


1. Collect as much as possible information on childbirth and the postnatal period. Read medical literature, do not hesitate to ask questions to the doctor.

2. Sign up for special courses on preparation for childbirth. It will be excellent if the husband agrees to go to courses together with you. On such classes you will be taught special exercises for pregnant women, to the correct breath and methods of anesthesia during childbirth and also will give necessary psychological support. Many women say that after such courses they managed to get rid of fear of childbirth.

3. Do not listen to terrifying stories by girlfriends and acquaintances how painfully and unsuccessfully there took place childbirth at them. Adjust yourself only on ease and a happy end.

4. Learn to calm down and relax. The aromatherapy will help to put nerves in order. Pleasant aromas make useful psychological impact, promote creation of good mood, internal harmony and peace of mind. On the impact on pregnant women the following oils are the safest and soft: santalaceous, orange, lavender, camomile, eucalyptus and also oil of mint and lemon.

5. Walk in the fresh air more and have a rest. The full-fledged dream during which the organism has a rest and is restored is very important for good emotional condition of future mothers.

6. Try to worry less, exclude or as much as possible limit communication with people unpleasant to you, avoid excessive emotional splashes and negative thoughts. Master positive thinking and try to surround yourself with affairs and events pleasant and interesting to you.

7. Take from the period of pregnancy and preparation to childbirth as much as possible good points. Do not spend the time for excess fears and disorders, in your life and in life of your future kid this experience really unique.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team