How to get rid of hypostases of the pregnant woman

How to get rid of hypostases of the pregnant woman

Hypostases occur in pregnant women rather often. And if in the first two trimesters of pregnancy many future mothers manage to avoid this state, then the diagnosis "gestosis" on 7 and is put the next month by much. It is possible to facilitate this state in case to follow some rules.


1. First of all eat those products which do not cause the increased thirst. For this reason during pregnancy recommend to abstain from sharp, tinned and salty. Especially when it is about a dense and nourishing dinner. The similar situation practically for hundred percent guarantees morning rise with the swelled legs, hands and centuries over eyes.

2. Prevention of hypostases is simpler, than their treatment. Therefore it is much simpler to control amount of the used and emitted liquid (otherwise this process is called a diuresis), than than to daily take a course of drug treatment. When desire to drink prevails over all others and does not keep within time frames, it is possible to try to rinse in the evening a mouth water or to do a small drink of green tea with intervals 15-20 minutes.

3. Normalization of a power supply system rather often helps to prevent excess hypostases. For this purpose it is necessary to use daily enough the dishes containing calcium. Also intake of the corresponding vitamins will help, but they need also to be coordinated with the gynecologist conducting pregnancy.

4. In order that kidneys coped with the increased loadings more successfully, taste herbal teas. Especially successfully the leaf of dried cowberry works. But before application of this means it is desirable to consult with the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team