How to get rid of locks at babies

How to get rid of locks at babies

One of the most unpleasant and widespread problems at newborns is the lock. The enzymatic activity and work of intestines is still imperfect, children feel discomfort and become uneasy. Parents need to know how it is correct to work to defeat this illness.

It is required to you

  • - consultation of experts (pediatrician, gastroenterologist, surgeon);
  • - correction of food;
  • - analyses;
  • - medicines;
  • - enema;
  • - broths of herbs.


1. Children on the first months of life have to go at each meal to a toilet. If the chair at the child is more rare than several times a day or once in several days, then surely see a doctor for the help. For a start, visit the pediatrician, he will make for you the special menu (if you feed the child with breast milk). If you are on artificial feeding, then correction of food (mix selection) is possible. If these actions do not help, then will direct you to consultation to the gastroenterologist, the neurologist and the surgeon, for a pathology exception.

2. To save the child from locks, spread him more often on a tummy. From the first days put the kid on a stomach at first for several minutes, then increasing an interval. It is useful for an intestines vermicular movement and also for the general development. The child can make circular massage of a stomach, for acceleration of an exit of GAZ cars of intestines. Carry out movements with small pressing, it is necessary to iron clockwise from the right podvzdoshny area on the intestines course to the left area within ten minutes. It is also possible to heat a rag (diaper) and to put on area of a stomach to the kid. It will accelerate an otkhozhdeniye of gases and will calm the child.

3. If after testing, the doctor appoints to you treatment, then surely pass it. The course of a bifidumbakterin will help to occupy the child's intestines useful microflora and to remove unpleasant manifestations of a lock. It is possible to combine with intake of carminative medicines, such as Espumizan or Plantex, Sab a simplex or Baby Kalm. These medicines will save from excess gas generation and will accelerate digestion processes.

4. If absolutely nothing helps, and there is no chair more than three days - that should be done an enema. For small children it is optimum to use an enema with a rubber tip. You watch that pear was filled completely with water (or camomile broth) as it is not necessary to enter excess air into the child's intestines. Volume is about 100 g of liquid. Water temperature is not lower than body temperature, but also not hot.

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