How to get rid of nausea during pregnancy

How to get rid of nausea during pregnancy

There occurred long-awaited pregnancy. You wait for birth of the beautiful kid. But here an ill luck – it is impossible to enjoy this time in any way. Every morning you suffer because of terrible nausea, are afraid to go to work and even to shop. How to get rid of this misfortune?


1. Toxicosis accompanies pregnancy of many women. It can be shown not only in the morning, but also for all day. Often it is characteristic only of early terms. After 12-14 weeks of pregnancy the nausea leaves, but there are women who suffer from toxicosis before the childbirth. If nausea was not gone to the third trimester, it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist to exclude development of a gestosis – a serious complication, both for the kid, and for future mom.

2. To get rid of nausea at pregnancy or it is at least essential to reduce its manifestations, it is necessary to establish the reason of its emergence. Sometimes toxicosis develops at women who did not plan pregnancy. If the child unwanted, at the psychological level an organism "tears away" a fruit, tries to provoke an abortion. To keep the kid, address the psychologist. He will positively adjust you on process of incubation of the kid and childbirth. Thanks to it, nausea will strongly decrease.

3. If you smoke, do alcohol or drugs, then nausea during pregnancy – it is unsurprising at all. It demonstrates that you poison the organism and an organism of yet not born kid. Such intoxication of an organism can lead to a brain hypoxia which is expressed through nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

4. If nausea arises because of hormonal reorganization - it is only manifestation of adaptation of an organism to incubation of a fruit. To eliminate toxicosis, take a lemon segment in a mouth. Still lying in a bed, eat one salty cracker. Have a bite nutlets and dried fruits. It is desirable to add lemon juice to water. Also cookies or tea with ginger are recommended.

5. The most important – daily walk in the fresh air not less than two hours. Accept vitamins which to you will be prescribed by the doctor. Forget about fast food, fat, smoked and sharp products. Use fruit and vegetables.

6. Moderate physical activities will be useful. But only in case you got on them approval of the doctor who conducts your pregnancy. And what is important, ensure good rest.

7. There are also medicines which help to eliminate nausea at pregnancy. Only the doctor can appoint them to you. Most often to pregnant women prescribe liver phytodrug as usual nausea pills are strictly forbidden pregnant women, they influence nervous system.

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