How to get rid of the milkwoman during pregnancy

How to get rid of the milkwoman during pregnancy

The milkwoman – an infectious disease. Not many know about the reasons of appearance of an infection, feature of course, a consequence and possible options of treatment of this disease without harm for health, proceeding from a condition of pregnancy.


1. The emergence reasons a molochnitsyvozbuditel of the milkwoman is Candida therefore the milkwoman is called scientifically by a candidosis colpitis or just candidiasis. This disease of infectious character therefore it, as well as other infections can affect health of a fruit, respectively, it is necessary to treat her and the earlier, the better. Besides in the last trimester it is necessary to get rid of the milkwoman and for mom since Candida overdries a vagina cavity that can address then in numerical gaps during childbirth.

2. The milkwoman at reduced immunity, wearing synthetic and close linen, the improper, irrational feeding, intake of some hormonal medicines, chronic diseases of an urinogenital system and digestive tract is shown. Besides, candidiasis is transmitted sexually. At pregnant women of manifestation of a disease become aggravated and proceed in accelerated as well emergence it at pregnant women is often proved by change of the hormonal state leading to violation of microflora of a vagina.

3. SimptomySimptoma of the milkwoman: plentiful, curdled allocations with an unpleasant sourish smell, a severe itch and burning of genitals. Aggravation of symptoms begins after the water procedures, sexual intercourse and at night. Despite existence of above-mentioned symptoms, it is necessary to hand over dab on Candida's presence and only then to begin treatment since the same symptoms can cause also other infectious diseases.

4. LechenieLechenie, limited to a condition of pregnancy will not save from Candida, but will eliminate symptoms which can do harm to the woman and a fruit. Surely has to pass treatment and the sexual partner, and sexual intercourses for the period of treatment have to be protected by condoms.

5. To the man is permitted to take all available effective drugs, by the pregnant woman from tablet treatment it is permitted to Pimafutsin which, even in high doses cannot do harm and also local types of drugs. It is possible to carry to them special cream and a vaginalna of a candle, containing nystatin and pimafutsin. Use of medicines with the maintenance of a klotrimazol (kanesten) is not admissible. Surely together with medicines appoint the polyvitamins and medicines strengthening immunity.

6. Except drug treatment it is worth allocating folk remedies: syringing and baths soda solution, infusion of a calendula or bark of an oak. Processing of walls of a vagina the tampon moistened with drill solution in glycerin or usual brilliant green is also rather effective. Such way mechanically deletes a mycelium of mushrooms.

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