How to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy

How to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy

Toxicosis becomes a problem of many pregnant women. There are two types of this deviation: early (appears at an initial stage of pregnancy) and late (develops in the second half of pregnancy). The hormonal changes happening in an organism of future mom can be the causes of toxicosis. Also large role is played by genetic predisposition. There are several methods to get rid of this state or as much as possible to facilitate it.


1. Eat often, but in the small portions as soon as you feel hunger. When empty, gastric acid needs to digest your stomach own ependy. Eat before appearance of nausea, food has to prevent it. If any product causes in you disgust, do not try and inhale a smell of this dish.

2. Drink it is, much more, more as at vomiting there is a lot of liquid an organism, than food. If constantly to drink for you it is problematic, simply eat the products containing a lot of water, for example: greens and salads, fresh vegetables and fruit.

3. Accept special vitamins for pregnant women, best of all before going to bed. The doctor can recommend B6 vitamin which helps with treatment of nausea to many women.

4. You lay down a bit earlier to sleep well. The healthy sleep will help not only to facilitate toxicosis attacks, but also to cope with fatigue which is so characteristic of pregnant women. Welcome morning at slow speed – haste will only increase an indisposition. Do not jump sharply out of bed. Lie down minutes 15, eat couple of salty crackers, only then slowly get up.

5. Avoid excess alarms and disorders, limit to a minimum, and better absolutely stop communicating with people unpleasant to you. Surround yourself with close friends and relatives, you watch cheerful movies and listen to favourite music.

6. Walk in the fresh air more often. In summertime make walks, it is better in the morning and in the evening when not so hot, move more. The moderate physical activity promotes improvement of health of the pregnant woman.

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