How to get to kindergarten

How to get to kindergarten

This question is so relevant that it is necessary to think of it even before pregnancy. You can be sure of one precisely – each kid has the right for the place in kindergarten. How to exercise this right and to get to kindergarten? Let's begin with simple.


1. It is necessary to prepare documents: birth certificate of the child and passport of one of parents. You have the right to rise on turn in that area where actually you live (but not on registration). Make copies of documents – for certain they will be necessary too. If you have the right for preferential receiving the place in kindergarten – prepare the documents confirming it. Thus, as soon as you received the birth certificate of the child, you will be able to get up on turn, and then to get to kindergarten.

2. With the package of documents you go to regional department of department of education. Documents acceptance is carried out several times a week in certain hours. It is possible to learn the schedule and phones on the websites (it either the separate website of department of department of education, or its branch on the website of administration of the city/area).

3. Having submitted necessary documents, you get a treasured number (as a rule, it is written down a simple pencil on the back of the birth certificate). This number – your turn into place in kindergarten. Annually at the scheduled time there is a so-called re-registration of turn in kindergarten. Strike those who got the permit off the general list, serial numbers in turn change, all of you are closer and closer to the first rows. Even if you did not pass a re-registration – you will not be removed from turn. But personally to make sure that everything goes as it is necessary and you were not "forgotten" - will not be superfluous.

4. Can ask about to what garden you want to get at the first visit in, and can take an interest during the next re-registration – closer by the time of obtaining the permit. If you live in close proximity to a garden to which you want to get, you have every chance to receive the permit in it. But if there are no places – alas, it is necessary to be content with a garden remote.

5. With the direction it is necessary to address the head of the kindergarten, to write the application with a request to admit the child to kindergarten. Documents will be necessary: birth certificate, health policy, passport of one of parents. In advance prepare copies of all documents.

6. Just before an exit in a garden the child needs to pass medical commission. It is possible to make it in children's policlinic or in the commercial medical center if it has a license for carrying out the relevant commissions. Stock up with patience – on the commission can leave up to 2 weeks.

7. Well and of course, hope for a garden, and not ploshay. An opportunity to get to kindergarten can appear later, than you would like. In advance discuss an opportunity to leave the child at them with the family. Often grandmothers retire and with pleasure nurse grandchildren. If there is no such opportunity, take an interest at acquaintances who will be able to help you who can recommend the good nurse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team