How to get to kindergarten in Yekaterinburg

How to get to kindergarten in Yekaterinburg

Acute shortage of places in preschool institutions – the phenomenon daily and already constant. Very often residents of the large cities, such as Yekaterinburg face this problem. In this regard it is necessary to think of receipt in kindergarten right after the birth of the kid.

It is required to you

  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passport of one of parents;
  • - documents on the right for a privilege.


1. So, your kid was born. You received the birth certificate. Now it is a high time to sign up the child in kindergarten. During one month after the birth you will register in regional department of formation of Yekaterinburg. On the website of city administration attentively study the schedule of work of experts not to spend time in vain.

2. Take all necessary documents: birth certificate, its copy, passport of one of parents. Show better the passport of the parent registered in the same area as kindergarten since record goes in the place of the actual accommodation of the child. Write the application addressed to the head of department of education in duplicate with a request to specify your registration number of turn to exclude a situation of change or loss of this number.

3. If you are an exempt, then prepare the necessary documents confirming a privilege. Learn the exact list of privileges from the specialist of department where you will get up on turn. All references have to be provided in originals and copies. At writing of the application addressed to the head of department of education specify all documents transferred at registration. Then in March - April you will write the application with a request to include your child in category of the children having the primary right of inclusion in preschool institution. Ask to issue the reply to your statement in writing.

4. If you are able will agree at work with the management, then take the petition of your organization to provide with a request the permit in kindergarten. If you are a single parent, then issue an application addressed to the chief of a regional social security for issue of the certificate that to you the state social assistance as to needy family is appointed. Then you have a right to turn into category of exempts.

5. In March - April pass a turn re-registration to make sure as it promoted. As soon as issued you the permit, go to the head of the kindergarten. Write the application with a request to admit the child to preschool institution. Take all necessary documents: passport, birth certificate, health policy.

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