How to get to the magic country

How to get to the magic country

Each mom wants to surround the child with the love and care. And to give to the kid the best. Try to present on the Birthday of the kid to it the real adventure travel in the fairy tale. How to organize it? Look no further. Turn the room of your kid into the magic country.

It is required to you

  • consultations of the set dresser,
  • monetary investments,
  • imagination,
  • skills of housework


1. Address the artists who are engaged in dressing of walls. Such work costs not really much, but results can be really impressive. The artist can paint walls in the room of your child, having turned the ordinary nursery into the amazing and fantastic world. Here to guess the main thing with preferences of the child. Remember what fairy tale or the animated film your kid loves most of all? "Cinderella", "Princess on a pea", "Beauty and Monster", "Spiderman", "Winnie-the-Pooh", "Kid and Carlson"... Options there can be a weight, depending on a floor and preferences of your kid. If for any reason you cannot invite the artist, it is possible to stick walls with photowall-paper. On them characters from cartoons, fairy tale characters (dragons, fairies, wizards) or surprising landscapes can be represented. Include imagination, think what will most of all please your child.

2. Pick up a carpet for the updated room. The main thing that it was bright and really soft. Then the little owner of the magic country will be able to invite to roll about on him the friends. Pick up furniture, it has to suit on color and style to decoration of the walls. Soft padded stools on wheels, pillows in the form of favourite fairy tale characters, a folding sofa of an unusual form which easily understands and turns into the real ground for games. For girls the bed option "for princesses", the veiled translucent, decorated with an embroidery curtains is possible.

3. Make unusual lighting in such room. If you decorated the room of the boy "under star soldiers", then appropriate will be to place under a ceiling of several lamps or lamps which are poured in different flowers. Choose several graceful sconces with the plafonds suitable on color the main tone of an interior for girls.

4. Organize a game part of space. For the boy it can be a corner with horizontal bars, ropes, rope ladders. By the way, such registration perfectly will be suitable for the room of the little pirate. For girls - the doll corner and a boudoir with a high mirror and also hairbrushes, spirits, jewelry, etc. necessary for any little princess will be obligatory attribute of the "magic" room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team