How to give a smekta to the child about one year

How to give a smekta to the child about one year

At treatment of intestinal frustration at tots of early age it is important not just to stop diarrhea, and to help an organism to overcome its reason. Therefore intake of adsorbents, one is obligatory (and the most known) from which Smekta is.


1. The dosage of Smekta for kids aged about one year makes 1 bag a day which needs to be parted in 50 ml of water and to give during the day (for several receptions).

2. If the kid without problems drinks from a small bottle, then it will be rather simple to give him curative solution and if is not present – you should use a spoon or the syringe (without needle, on 2 or 5 ml). At one time it is enough to child to drink 10-15 ml of medicine and even if he agrees to drink more, it is necessary to continue in several hours. The most important – carefully stir up a bottle with solution before giving it to the kid because medicine quickly accumulates on a bottom.

3. Also you can mix Smekta with food, habitual for the baby, – dairy mix or the decanted breast milk, compote or juice, puree, soup or porridge. Only do not pour out all dose in one portion – one bag needs to be distributed evenly for all day. Mix medicine with a small part of food and give it to the kid first of all to be sure that medicine will get to destination even if he will not eat up all portion. Surely carefully mix medicine with liquid or food not to allow hit of powder in airways of the child.

4. As for reception duration, even if everything was quickly normalized, it is necessary to spend on drink Smekta within three days. For this term she will manage to bring finally out of an organism all remained microbes and will restore a protective barrier in intestines. If the doctor advised longer course treatment – listen to its recommendations. If in parallel with Smekta the doctor appointed intake of any other drugs, then consider that it is necessary to accept them not earlier, than in two hours after Smekta (or not later, than for an hour before its reception).

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