How to give an injection to the child

How to give an injection to the child

To give an injection to the child, it is not obligatory for you to cause every time the nurse. Such procedure can do to any mummy, and it will be more pleasant to the kid if the prick is put by native mom, but not others aunt!

It is required to you

  • - medicine;
  • - disposable syringe;
  • - cotton tampons;
  • - medical alcohol;
  • - medical razor or a file for nails.


1. Wash up hands with soap. Wipe with Tamponchik moistened in alcohol an ampoule neck, then you nadpilit a file or the razor glass in that place where the ampoule is narrowed. Wrap up an ampoule in a tampon and crack glass.

2. Prepare the disposable syringe, gather in it medicine, shake the syringe that all vials of air went to a needle. To make sure that in capacity only liquid, press on the piston that on a tip of a needle the medicine droplet appeared.

3. Close a needle a cap so that not to touch by hands a needle. Put the syringe aside.

4. Put the child a back up. Make small massage of buttocks, so medicine will be better soaked up, and no bruises will develop.

5. Mentally divide a buttock into four parts. The injection needs to be given in the top external quadrant. So you will not touch either a nerve, or a blood vessel, or a bone. Wipe two times skin of the kid with the tamponchik moistened in alcohol.

6. Take the syringe. The thumb has to be on the piston, index and middle fingers fix the case of the syringe.

7. The left hand a little bit stretch skin, and right give an injection. The syringe has to be perpendicular to the child's body. Give an injection quickly, driving a syringe needle into skin on three quarters. You enter medicine slowly.

8. When you squeeze out the syringe, take the new tamponchik moistened in alcohol and press the place where the needle enters skin. After that pull out the syringe. Again slightly massage the child's skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team