How to give birth to the child of the house

How to give birth to the child of the house

The alternative of house childbirth to medical acquires the increasing disputes. According to the book by Frederik Lebuayer ""Childbirth without pain and fear"", control of experts in maternity hospital passes into the background, many future mothers give preference to birth of the kid in house conditions, in relative tranquility in an environment of house walls, feeling support of the husband and, of course, the experienced specialist obstetrician.

It is required to you

  • the contract with maternity hospital, necessary documents, enema, the warm bathroom with sea salt, towels, fresh bed linen, a first-aid kit, big laying, the car at an entrance


1. Before giving birth houses, it is necessary to be prepared carefully. Pay due attention to the choice of the obstetrician, it controls all process of the birth. The obstetrician has to react quickly to the slightest complications at childbirth which can arise at mom and send her to in advance chosen maternity hospital. For this purpose it is better to sign the relevant contract with medical institution. Take care of that without fail the house had a car which will bring the woman in labor to maternity hospital for rendering the emergency help.

2. During house childbirth the room has to be clean, remove excess things, prepare the bathroom for childbirth with sea salt. After the first fights call the obstetrician who will make an enema. In house conditions at the first stage the childbirth has to be vertical.

3. The second stage of childbirth passes in the bathroom in situation on cards. The obstetrician watches all this time behind a condition of mom and kid, in certain cases stimulates childbirth, and then helps the kid to be born. Dad has to be nearby, mass the wife's back, create the atmosphere of security.

4. After the birth and all necessary procedures which will be made by the obstetrician that the child began to breathe it is necessary to wash mom, to help it to get out of a bathtub, to transfer it to the room to the kid and to give tea with herbs, honey and wine. Then the obstetrician has to examine mom and process a crotch.

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