How to give birth to the girl: experience of mothers

How to give birth to the girl: experience of mothers

In ancient times for baby gender planning magic rituals, beliefs and signs were used. Today, to give birth to the girl – the mother's girlfriend and the assistant, scientific approach is applied. Too nobody cancelled national methods. There are no 100% of a guarantee, but it is possible to conceive the little princess. It is confirmed with experience of many happy mothers.

The method of conception of the kid of the required floor is based on knowledge of male and female physiology. Women in an ovum have one type of X-chromosomes. In a male body there are two types of chromosomes which are designated by symbols of X and Y. Each spermatozoon contains only one of these chromosomes. If the ovum is impregnated by a Y-spermatozoon, the boy turns out. If the objective is achieved by the H-spermatozoon, the girl will be born.

Chromosomes are the functional elements which are in a cellular kernel. Comprise genetic information. In somatic cages there are two chromosomes. Gametes have only one chromosome.

For use of this method it is necessary to define day of an ovulation precisely. It falls on the middle of a menstrual cycle. More precisely the diary of measurement of basal temperature will help to calculate required day. If its messages for several months, approach of an ovulation it is easy to calculate. It is necessary to find the most successful day for conception, using knowledge of features X and Y spermatozoa. Y-spermatozoon: bright, but his life is very short. H-spermatozoon: sluggish, but more hardy.

Ovulation – a stage of a monthly menstrual cycle. The ovum, capable to fertilization, leaves an ovary and is located in an abdominal cavity. The rhythm of an ovulation changes after abortion, after the delivery and during the preclimacteric period.

For conception of the girl it is necessary to have sex daily after the termination of periods, but till a certain period. In 2‒3 days prior to the expected approach of an ovulation these fascinating classes need to be stopped. It is possible to resume intimate relations through the same period after an ovulation. Thus, the unprotected sex will be under a ban for 5‒7 days.

Slow long-livers H-spermatozoa will get a chance to impregnate an ovum at the time of an ovulation, and prompt Y-spermatozoa just will not live up to this point. At conception of the girl it is better to choose poses with superficial penetration into a vagina. It is desirable that the woman did not test an orgasm. At this moment alkali is emitted, and H-spermatozoa like acidic environment more. There is one more nonconventional way of conception of the girl which invention belongs to Elena Shavrina. Suits women at whom ovulation happens strictly in the middle of a cycle. In even years of life the possibility of conception of the girl prevails in even months. Respectively, in odd years it is easier to conceive the girl in odd months. There is such arithmetics. It is possible to add efforts with a special diet. Future mom of the girl is recommended to eat fruit, green vegetables, nuts, fish and dairy products. Meat – to limit, smoked products – to exclude. Salt and sugar should be used in the minimum quantities. From fruit bananas, melons, plums and oranges get under the ban. It is difficult to conceive the girl because day of an ovulation as the most favorable for conception, is passed. But at due diligence everything is possible.

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