How to give birth to the girl: scientific and national methods

How to give birth to the girl: scientific and national methods

The sex of future kid depends on what spermatozoon will reach an ovum — containing a Y-chromosome or X. This process looks absolutely accidental. But whether it is impossible after all somehow to influence it? How to give birth to the girl to the mom and dad, for example, who already have the son or just wishing to bring up beautiful and the clever daughter? There are both more or less scientific ways of baby gender planning, and national.

Of course, any technique cannot give an absolute guarantee that in the subsequent the girl will be born. However, following certain rules, the probability of conception of the daughter can actually be increased very not bad.

Scientific methods

As to give birth to the daughter? People try to plan a sex of future children from antiquity. And of course, paid to it attention including physicians. Certainly, experts on this subject conducted a set of various researches.

Actually scientific way of baby gender planning is based on features of the spermatozoa bearing Y and X-chromosomes. By doctors it was precisely defined that the first are more mobile, but are less strong and hardy. Besides contains in their sperm much more.

Spermatozoa with X-chromosome are much more hardy than the Y-fellows. However they also move at the same time much more slowly. Therefore during an ovulation of chances to overtake Y-rivals at spermatozoa with X-chromosome, unfortunately, practically does not remain.

Therefore, to give birth to the girl, future mom and dad need to plan conception during the period in 3-5 days prior to an ovulation. In this case to right time many of Y-spermatozoa, most likely, will already die. And it in turn considerably will increase the probability of "victory" of their X-fellows and consequently, and conceptions of the girl.

The most known national methods

Of course, in centuries were developed including various national ways of baby gender planning. The most known such techniques are:

  • conception by birth;
  • Chinese calendar;
  • Japanese table.

How to give birth to the girl: planning by birth

It is known that blood for women is updated once in 4 years, and for men — in 3 years. It is considered that that from parents at which blood "is at the moment younger" and will assign gender of future child. To learn whose blood is younger and more active, it is necessary to divide age of mom into 4, and fathers — on 3. Then the whole part of the turned-out number should be increased by 4 or 3 respectively again. Thus it is possible to learn that age when blood was updated for each of parents. If at division the integer turns out, means there was it same year.

Japanese table

This technique — also quite good answer to a question of how to give birth to the girl, having timed conception. In this case two tables are used. It is necessary to find months of the birth of mother and father in the first and to look at figure on crossing.

Further this number should be found in the topmost line of the second table and to define thus the necessary month of conception.

Chinese calendar

This technique uses the principles of one of the most ancient sciences in the world — numerologies. In this case baby gender planning is based on age of future mother. Depending on it month of conception is defined.

It is considered that this way, though does not yield absolute result, but nevertheless in most cases it is reliable.


So, how to give birth to the girl? The techniques described above can be rather effective. But there are also various national signs allowing to define a sex of the planned child depending on any given situation. For example, it was noticed that:

  • than parents, that high probability of the birth are more senior than the daughter at them;
  • girls dominate in posterity of people with gout;
  • at baldish parents of the girl are born less than sons.

Besides, it is considered that children of a weather usually are an identical floor. Therefore if in family the son was already born, if desired to have also the girl, to plan conception of the second child, on national signs, follows not earlier than in 3 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team