How to give birth to twin boys

How to give birth to twin boys

Whether it is possible - to plan it a sex of future child? Would be great to dial number of the weather gods and to order the birth of the girl, boy or even twins. What would be happiness - to present as a gift to the husband of the successor of a sort and not one, and at once two.


1. On the one hand, gender planning of future kid seems impossible. But future parents hope for the best, try all possible ways to give birth to that of whom dream. Here some ways most of which often apply married couples in hope to give birth to twins. National methods. Even our ancestors tried to program a sex of the child, drank for this purpose various herbs decoctions, said prayers, addressed sorcerers and witch doctors, just before "process" enclosed under a pillow various objects like the dried chicken pad. In other words, in every possible way tried to influence a sex of future child.

2. Shettlsa method. Now there is a set of various techniques thanks to which it is possible "to order" the child. Theoretically it is quite probable, but any of them does not give an absolute guarantee - the Shettlsa Method, for example, planning of time of conception or a special diet. You want the girl - refuse potatoes and fruit, the boy – exclude the products containing calcium and magnesium from the diet. In a word, if aimed to give birth to the child of the defined sex, it is necessary all means to use.

3. Intake of special medicines and artificial insemination. It is more difficult to plan the birth of twins many times. Those families in which this predisposition is descended have a high probability of the birth of twins, most often through generation. And if is not present? Then achievements of modern science which if does not give an absolute guarantee, then, at least, the probability of polycarpous pregnancy will increase come to the rescue. Let's tell if the woman receives medical treatment for infertility and takes the drugs stimulating growth of ova, then in her organism the probability of maturing of several ova at the same time increases, respectively, chances of approach of polycarpous pregnancy increase. Polycarpous pregnancy can occur also at artificial insemination, similar cases is known much. The doctor intentionally enters into a cavity of a uterus of the woman of several impregnated ova, and probability that two or three will take root at once, is rather great.

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