How to give birth to twins: diet and signs

How to give birth to twins: diet and signs

There are many women dreaming to become happy mothers of twins. There is a mass of national signs, theories and ways which promise to help to find desired happiness and to become pregnant twins.


1. There is a mass of the national signs promising the birth of twins. For example, a harbinger of twins is the dream about a catch on one rod of two big beautiful fishes.

2. There is a custom of "involvement of twins". Buy two children's hats or two pairs of socks in advance. It will help to visualize a dream and to adjust an organism on desired pregnancy.

3. Perhaps, the most known harbinger of future pregnancy is adoption. The sign says – adopt foreign child and soon the kid or desired twins will appear.

4. There is a theory that keeping to a special diet, it is possible to increase chances of the birth of twins. Several months prior to the planned conception begin to accept folic acid and vitamins of group B. Vitamin B very actively influences formation of healthy endometrium in a uterus cavity that increases chances of two impregnated ova to take root into it and to develop correctly.

5. Give preference to the dairy products and products capable to stimulate ovaries for release more than one ovum during an ovulation (yam). The yam contains high concentration of the substance similar on the chemical composition to women's hormone estrogen which can stimulate production of other hormones — gonadotrophins. In total effect of these substances promotes allocation more than one ovum from an ovary.

6. It is considered to increase chances of conception of girls, it is necessary to include honey and spices in a diet, and from salty it is better to refuse. For conception of boys it is necessary to eat more nuts, meat and fish. It is necessary to bring addictions to naught (smoking, the intake of alcohol, greasy food and fast food).

7. High probability of the birth of twins at the women having this hereditary predisposition (especially in the female line). If in family (or at close relatives) twins were already born earlier, then chances to become happy parents at once of two kids increase several times.

8. There is a medicamentous method at which the probability of approach of polycarpous pregnancy is higher. It consists in stimulation of an ovulation special medicines at treatment of infertility at women. The organism kind of "wakes up" and makes several ova at once. Remember that such procedure is carried out strictly under control of the attending physician, otherwise it is possible to do irreparable harm to an organism.

9. Quite often twins and twins are born at couples treated for infertility by an IVF method. At this procedure, besides prescribing of performance-enhancing drugs, several impregnated ova are entered into a uterus.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team