How to give cheese to the child

How to give cheese to the child

Some mothers try to watch closely food of the kids very much. And pediatricians advise to feed the child by rules to prevent further emergence of problems with health. Such product as cheese, is very useful, but the few know whether it is possible to give it to the child and from what age.


1. A large amount of the calcium necessary for the fortress of bones, nails, hair and teeth is a part of cheese. Besides, this product contains a lot of protein, so, it is a source, amino acids, necessary for salutary work of an organism. Nutritionists say what contains in cheese of amino acids more, than in meat, and it is acquired much better. Vitamin A which contains in this product well affects sight, and vitamins of group B improve processes of metabolism and promote strengthening of walls of vessels.

2. However, despite advantage of cheese, protein which contains in it renders big load of kidneys of the kid, and fats and salts – are badly acquired by a children's organism. Therefore you enter this product into the child's diet only from 11-12 months. To this age the digestive tract of the kid which was already more strengthened is also capable to processing of many products. It is connected with the fact that the permeability of a mucous membrane of intestines decreases, and the components improving digestion of such food begin to be developed.

3. Begin to give cheese carefully – no more than 5 grams a day. The week norm has to be no more than 25 grams. Best of all you enter cheeses of firm grades into a diet. Cut it on thin slices and rub on a small grater.

4. Approach the choice of cheese very responsibly, do not buy a cheap product, it can be poor quality, and respectively - there is a risk of emergence in the kid of allergic reactions.

5. Give preference to low-fat, fresh-salted cream cheeses with lack of any additives and spices. Do not give to the child cheese with a mold crust at all. Such product is categorically contraindicated to small children.

6. Treat with a big share of responsibility food of the kid and then you will not face suddenly appeared allergic reactions or problems with digestive tract.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team