How to give cod-liver oil to children

How to give cod-liver oil to children

Cod-liver oil is very useful product which consists of a set of minerals, important and necessary for development of a children's organism. Polyunsaturated fatty acids an omega-3 which are its part stimulate intellectual development of the child, interfere with a memory impairment and also prevent appearance of rickets.


1. For the child the intake of cod-liver oil is the real test therefore to acquaint the kid with this product it is necessary to begin with the earliest age. After the first year of life children, as a rule, already begin to understand tastes and having tried for the first time cod-liver oil at this age, the child, most likely, will spit out it.

2. Give to the child this specific product during feeding, it is desirable in the middle of process. In this case the kid will not need to drink cod-liver oil on a hungry stomach, and there will be an opportunity to jam it tasty food that considerably will brighten up this unpleasant procedure. If the child already grew up, then include in his diet such fish as a salmon, a lake trout, a herring, a tuna or a mackerel.

3. To persuade the child accept cod-liver oil you can, having suggested it to treat also you with this product. Perhaps, the baby will become interested in process and will want to try it also.

4. About 3-5 drops of cod-liver oil are recommended to give to children of 1 month of life, gradually increasing a dose up to 0.5-1 teaspoons a day. After 1 year of life malyshm about 1 teaspoon of cod-liver oil in day is recommended to give. Since 2 years – on 2 teaspoons, from the 3rd – on 1 dessertspoon a day. To children 7 years it is possible to giveof adult a dosage of cod-liver oil, that is on 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day are more senior. The course of reception of this product makes 2-3 months with a break in one month.

5. Children of more advanced age who are already able to swallow of tablets can give cod-liver oil in capsules which need to be accepted in time or after a meal, washing down with a small amount of water. Medicines need to be stored in the fridge. And before application it is attentive to study the instruction.

6. Before giving cod-liver oil to the child, it is necessary to consult surely with the pediatrician. Cod-liver oil, as well as many medicines, has a number of the contraindications.

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