How to give first aid to the child at a frostbite and overcooling

How to give first aid to the child at a frostbite and overcooling

There are a lot of various entertainments for the child in the winter on the street among which there is a hockey, driving on skates, skis, the sledge, walks on snow-covered streets. But there is always a danger in a hard frost to get a frostbite or to overcool strongly if you walk in the country or on the street strong wind. The main thing in such cases is to observe tranquility and to conform to the rules.


1. That the unpleasant situation did not happen, it is better to minimize risks. Not to go outside in a hard frost, at strong wind gusts, not to walk in the country in the remote area where the help should wait long. It is possible to look through a weather forecast in advance or to connect notification SMS from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, so you learn about hard frosts in advance and will be able to plan the rest.

2. Going outside in a frost, put on more warmly. You carry several natural fabrics layers of clothes, a layered clothing. Use clothes by the size, it should not constrain movements and pull together skin, should not dangle on you. If you have no allergy, use natural woolen things.

3. Before an exit to the street use special winter face and hands cream. Do not forget about protective lipstick for lips. After the street also do not forget to use special cosmetics, it will protect your skin and the child's skin.

4. If overcooling happened or you got a frostbite, it is necessary to leave the street to the warm room or the car at once. It is impossible to take the heat warming bath at all. It is necessary to take off clothes and footwear and to be wrapped up with a blanket or a warm plaid.

5. Call the ambulance or the doctor on the house. While you expect arrival of the doctor, give to drink warm drink of the victim. It can be sweet warm tea or compote.

6. It is necessary to apply the dry heat-insulating bandages from a gauze and cotton wool on strongly frost-bitten sites, they should not pull together and press skin. Anyway do not take any independent actions in treatment if you are not sure, wait for arrival of the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team