How to give linex to the child

How to give linex to the child

Violation of balance of intestinal microflora can be shown by gripes, painful spasms, locks and diarrhea. As a rule, these frustration arise after intake of antibacterial medicines and owing to intestinal infections which are widespread among small children. For elimination of unpleasant symptoms of dysbacteriosis the doctors recommend to accept linex. Advantage of this medicine is that it is suitable for all age groups, including newborns.


1. Dysbacteriosis can arise even at the newborn baby owing to improper feeding of mom or an infectious disease. Artificial feeding, late applying to a breast, atopic dermatitis or the wrong food behavior of mother during pregnancy can also provoke this state. Indirect symptoms of this disease are violations of a chair, frequent vomiting and decrease in body weight of the kid. For specification of the diagnosis the doctor, most likely, will appoint crops a calla which will help to reveal a lack of useful bacteria. In case of confirmation of the diagnosis the pediatricians often appoint linex. For treatment of the baby it is necessary to pour out capsule contents in a spoon, to dissolve powder with breast milk or water and to give this mix to the kid. On one course of treatment two packs of medicine as the lasting medical effect is possible only at ten-day therapy on condition of reception of three capsules in day will be necessary.

2. Children of preschool age are more often than others are subject to intestinal infections. The cause is a habit to drag everything in a mouth and united children's collectives in which the infection quickly extends. In complex therapy linex about one capsule three times a day is appointed. It is not necessary to break integrity of a cover in this case, the capsule is accepted entirely, washing down with a small amount of tea or juice.

3. School students are subject to dysbacteriosis because of irregular and, sometimes, unhealthy food. Products with the content of preservatives and dyes have negative effect on digestive tract. At emergence of symptoms of a disease the doctor, most likely, will recommend reception of a linex on two capsules three times a day.

4. During antibacterial therapy linex it is used from the first day of treatment. It helps to save intestines from negative impact of antibiotics. Is accepted on doctor's orders in an age dosage. As a rule, to children of chest and preschool age one capsule is appointed to reception, and to school students - two.

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