How to give more to time to children

How to give more to time to children

Owing to the employment the parents find not enough time for children. Communication often comes down to short terse phrases and household efforts. The child is full, put, dressed, and on the rest there is neither left force, nor desire any more. It is bad, children need love and attention of parents. Having a little changed a habitual daily routine, you will be able to find for them much more time.


1. In advance plan the day. Do not try "to pull up the tree", reasonably time also forces. Place priorities. Bring important and urgent matters in the beginning of the list, and minor it is possible to put away for later or to break their performance for several days. Consider also a route of the movements, so you will save a lot of time.

2. It is not obligatory to throw everything and to sit near the child. Involve children in household chores. Joint work is much more useful, than viewing the next animated film. Children often ask to teach them to something. Prepare together with the child, plant plants, look after animals, be engaged in repair or needlework. Thereby you not just communicate, but also pass on the experience to children.

3. Do not wave away from the child, motivating it with the employment or fatigue. Even on the way to shop it is possible to have a talk and exchange news.

4. Take children in trips more often. If you have friends with children, organize a family meeting. Choose the place where nearby there is a playground. While adults communicate, children in plenty are run and will play enough. Leave all family on the nature. Walks in the woods, active games in the fresh air and a fragrant shish kebab – children adore such actions.

5. Think up family traditions. It can be a festive dinner on Saturdays, evening of board games on Wednesdays or a Sunday visit of cinema or to the pool. Try to do not miss similar actions and to maintain tradition, it very much brings together family.

6. During the day call up to the child, learn how at him put that new. If you are in a business trip or on a visit in other city, surely have a phone conversation with children or via Skype in the evening. Discuss, how was your day, tell the news, wish good night. Irrespective of the age each child needs warmth and parental attention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team