How to give musical classes with children of younger age

How to give musical classes with children of younger age

Even the most small children are capable to show interest in music. Therefore it is possible to acquaint kids with music and it is necessary as soon as possible. It contributes to the development of the child, formation of taste in it. Let's look what for this purpose it is necessary to do to adults.


1. It is necessary to cultivate in the child love for music gradually. To start the child it is necessary to interest. Organically turn on the music in different types of activity of the child. Turn on to him the cheerful and mobile music for performance of morning exercises, and before going to bed - the quiet, pacifying melody, etc. The main thing - music has to correspond to a situation.

2. In the house and kindergarten the child has to have access to musical instruments. Simpler and more interesting to the kid to begin to study music on such musical instruments as tambourines, pipes, harmonicas. It is healthy if someone from parents possesses a good voice and hearing and can sing to the child of a song or play musical instruments. By the way, to teach the kid to play the piano it is possible since four-five years.

3. One of the main objectives of adults – to teach children to respond emotionally on music. To the aid of teachers and parents the listening of various children's songs, classical music will come. Children need to help to define the mood transferred by music or musical instruments to call it.

4. Small children very much like to play various musical toys. Such toys can be found with ease in all children's shops. Try to choose musical toys with quiet quiet music.

5. It is also extremely important to offer children various games which will maintain their interest in music. It is so possible to suggest the child to study dance under any given music or to accompany a melody, for example, on a pipe or a graggers. Also kids need to be recruited in various holidays. It is necessary that children not only looked at performances of adults, but also participated in them.

6. Remember that on music it is always possible to find time. Unostentatiously arrange to the kid musical minutes when you sing to him a song or you listen to music. Never force the kid to practise music if he does not want.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team